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QAZ P.O.S System

Q.A.Z: Quick and Zooming is easy to use, Android Base, and Cloud Base Solution for your business. Accept Cards at 0% PROCESSING FEES! FREE Unlimited Live Demos/ Q & A of QAZ P.O.S with one of our Hardware Techs and Relationship Manager. 

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Complete Cloud Based POS System

Customers: Save time and empower more productive future assistance for customers. Make and save customers information during ordering transactions. Access their purchase history.

Orders: Monitor orders step-by-step until they have been fulfilled. Add specific notes to orders for customers with special requests. Dine-in, take-out, and delivery orders are easily entered.

Inventory: Full transparency when checking on your current stock. Monitor, when things are sold, received, expiration dates, products with ingredients, SKU’s, cost to merchant, get notifications when you are running low and much more.

Apps and Integrations: Use our variety of apps (Android Google Store) and integrations to better grow your business and increase profits.



Virtual Manager

Employee Management: Full control over employees access to features and data for reliable operations and safe store security. Manage roles, permissions, and employee data for effective budgeting of time and staff.

Tip Management: Tweak your tip settings to best suit your business and effectively gather tips from customers, so your Staff will be more determined and have higher generally speaking resolve. Owners and managers can view and do shift close outs.

Tax Management: Easily create either individual or multi-line taxes, add taxes to items, and choose to include/exclude them from orders to automate your tax maintenance and reduce chances of
human error.

Restaurant Table Management: Smooth out activities and increment income with a more coordinated table position and requesting framework: develop your floor plan, take and cycle table requests easily, and have better perceivability to the situation with your table requests.

P.O.S Reporting/QuickBooks Integration: With QuickBooks Online integration, quickly and easily manage your finances without hassle. Automatically synchronize sales transactions, inventory, taxes, paying/payouts and more. Q.A.Z reporting gives you complete visibility and analysis into every aspect of your business. Access anytime online to manage and track transactional and customer data.

Simple, Secure, and Powerful

Qaz can be used with a variety of small businesses types. With options to customize your experience, Qaz makes managing your day-to-day business needs easier, no matter your business type.